About Us

JML Outdoors was formed with the sole purpose of bringing back the fun in tournament fishing.  Over the years our sport has seen many changes, one of which is a decrease in participation.  While many factors have contributed to this there are a lot of people who continue to enjoy a day on the water and competition with friends and fellow anglers.  Over the last couple years a number of anglers that have or continue to participate in tournaments shared their thoughts, based on their feedback our goal is to eliminate the elements that deter a fishermen from doing what they love and give you the fisherman an opportunity to compete on a level playing field with a solid return on your investment.

Affordable & Fun events will have a flat entry fee with no options, no more goofy stuff.  You will only pay one fee per team that will include the big fish as well as the payback.  JML Outdoors will pay each qualified team with the two biggest fish caught and the overall payback will be 1 place for every 4 teams.  This will give teams a better opportunity at a payday, yet still provide the winners a great check. 

One of my fondest memories growing up as a kid was getting to go fish that first tournament with my dad.   Twenty-five years later I have not forgotten that trip up the river on Lake Havasu, the lure that we used, or the place that we finished.  I want more kids, wives, and families to be able to experience that feeling.

All JML Outdoors circuits practice safe handling and release techniques in order to preserve our fisheries for our children’s children…  

You're invited, come out enjoy yourself and see what JML Outdoors is all about.