2021 Cashion Cup Solo Series Rules

The Cashion Cup Solo Series herein after known as the (Cashion Cup) is designed for all anglers whether it is a seasoned veteran or someone that is new to fishing.  This series is just as it name states.  A tournament series where anglers will fish solo.

These rules and regulations are the official rules of the Cashion Cup.  These rules are subject to change at any time without notice.  It is the responsibility of each competitor to read and understand these rules.  By entering into a Cashion Cup event, you agree to abide by all of the rules and criteria set forth below.  Furthermore, you agree that the tournament director or his representative have the final decision in all matters related to the tournament and its outcome.

Should a protest occur the tournament director will withhold any winnings while an investigation into the eligibility of the protested angler takes place.  It is each angler’s responsibility to know and understand the rules for Cashion Cup events prior to entering the event.

The tournament director has the final decision on all fish weighed and caught and will be inspecting fish to be sure they are caught in a legal and sporting manner.

1: Participation: Participation in a Cashion Cup event is open to any anglers provided they agree to and follow the rules outline herein and provided they have not been banned from any tournament series nationwide.

2: Entry Fee’s & Prizes: 

Anglers = $250 per event and will pay 1 place for every 5 entries.

  • $10 of each entry goes to an Angler of the Year payout.
  • First place at every event receives a Cashion Icon Rod plus cash
  • Angler of the Year receives a Cashion Icon Rod
  • Total minimum angler payout for the season is 90% in cash and prizes

3: Off-limits:  There will be a Monday through Thursday off-limits.  Anglers may pre-fish on Friday solo, with another competing angler, or with a member of their immediate family.  Pre-fish hours are from 30 minutes prior to the posted sunrise time until 5:00pm.  All anglers must be off the water or waiting to get their boat out of the water by 5:00pm.

4: Solicitation of Information: All anglers are expected to locate their own fish.  No angler shall knowingly solicit information or pre-fish with anyone other than an immediate family member or another paid competitor after the lake goes off-limits.

5: Guides: Hiring guides for the purpose of locating bass for a Cashion Cup event is strictly prohibited.  Any angler found to have hired a guide on the body of water in which a Cashion Cup event is held within 30 days prior to an event shall be subject to disqualification.  Cashion Cup considers splitting prize money or a portion of any prize money with any angler not eligible to fish a Cashion Cup event as hiring a guide.  Splitting prize money does not apply if you are fishing another sanctioned tournament and you are partners.

6: Membership: We do not require a membership to fish a Cashion Cup event.

7: Safety: All participants shall always observe local and state regulations specific to boating safety during practice and competition and do not hold either the Cashion Cup, its director, staff, or sponsors liable for anything that happens during an event.  A United States Coast Guard approved life vest must be on and secured by all competitors anytime the outboard motor is on.  The boat operator shall have the ignition shut off device (kill switch) attached to themselves anytime the outboard motor is running.

8: Boat/License Requirements: All watercraft that is used during a Cashion Cup event if required by law must have attached a US Coast Guard rating plate.  The horsepower of the boat shall not exceed the maximum horsepower requirements stated on the US Coast Guard rating plate.  Each boat shall have a working kill switch, aerated live wells, and be properly registered.  Each contestant must have and provide proof of upon request a current fishing license with necessary stamps or endorsements.  Any citation given by local, state, or federal law enforcement officials shall be grounds for disqualification.

9: Insurance: It is the sole responsibility of all Cashion Cup participants, competitors, and owners to carry and maintain the state required minimum liability coverage for themselves and their passengers.

10: Angler of the year: Points are awarded in every Cashion Cup event starting at 300 for first, 299 for second, 298 for third, etc.

11: Marshal Designation:  Marshalls will be assigned based off a random computer draw.  If we do not have enough marshals than an angler will fish solo.

12: Permitted Fish and Fishing Methods: All largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass must be taken in a conventional and sporting manner.  At no time shall any angler be permitted to use more than one rod and one reel at a time.  Anglers shall follow Arizona state regulations concerning quantity of hooks allowable by law.  Intentional snagging of fish shall be grounds for disqualification.  Any fish taken while site fishing must be hooked inside the mouth (The tournament director has final say in if he feels the fish has been illegally caught).  The use of live or cut bait during practice or tournament hours shall be strictly prohibited.  No angler shall be allowed to troll using the outboard motor.

13: Tournament limits: Unless lake rules state a lesser number the tournament limit of bass shall be 5 fish per team.  The minimum size limit shall be determined by the tournament director prior to the event.  If no minimum size limit is specified, the minimum size shall be 12” for Central Arizona and 13″ for Lake Havasu (both measured mouth closed, and tail pinched on a flat board).  At no time shall an angler possess more than a limit of fish.  Once a limit is achieved and the next fish is caught the angler must cull immediately.  No culling inside the host marina will be allowed.  Only NON-PUNCTURE cull tags are permitted.

14: Encroachment: While some lakes fish smaller than others anglers are requested to use common sense and work with other competitors.  As a rule, no team shall pull within 25 yards or 75 feet of another competitor’s boat.  Having a cast land within 10 yards or 30 feet of another competitor’s boat shall be considered encroachment.

15: Penalties: All penalties shall be assessed by the tournament director if necessary.  Dead fish shall have a penalty of .50lbs.  Short fish or illegal fish (in case of slot lakes) shall be a loss of 1lb plus loss of fish.  Don’t be late to check in.  All anglers are required to check in on time with a tournament official.  Any angler/team checking in late will have their catch for the day disqualified.  If an angler’s/team’s check in time is 3:00 you have until the clock turns to 3:01 before you are late.

16: Mechanical issues: In the case of a mechanical issue the competing angler may bring their fish in with another competitor.  An angler can be towed in by any boat not in the tournament.

17: Alcohol and Drugs: The use/possession of alcohol or drugs during tournament hours or official pre-fish is strictly prohibited.

18: Angler Cooperation: All anglers are always required to cooperate with tournament officials both on and off the water.  This is included but not limited to request for polygraphs, pictures, and information for press releases.  All photographs taken by JML/Cashion Cup staff are the property of JML Outdoors and Cashion Rods and may be used at any time for advertising or information purposes.  We highly encourage anglers to use Go-Pro’s or other recording devices to document their day and encourage them to post it on their social media.  Anglers posting tournament videos/photos must include JML Outdoors, Cashion Cup, and Cashion Rods in the video in some way.

19: Sportsmanship: All contestants are to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship.  Any angler that is found to have brought unfavorable publicity to Cashion Cup or the sport of bass fishing shall be subject to disqualification.

20: Protests: All protests must be given in writing to the tournament director within 30 minutes of the anglers check in time.  It will be the tournament director’s responsibility to make a decision based off of the information provided by both parties.  Both parties involved must be readily available for discussion with the tournament director when requested.

21. COVID Regulations: It is possible that certain agencies that issue JML Outdoors LLC the permit will require certain safety measures due to COVID.  We respectfully ask that every participant when capable follow these guidelines put in place by the governing agency.  At the same time JML Outdoors respects each persons right to do what they feel is best for their health and well being.  By entering into a JML event you acknowledge that you may or may not come in close contact with another person.  Furthermore, you agree you are entering this event at your own risk and hold harmless JML Outdoors LLC., and its sponsors.