Below are rules for KAA events.  Each events rules may vary slightly depending on the location and type of event.  It is the angler’s responsibility to check the event rules posted on the TourneyX registration site for any variations.  If there are no variations then KAA rules apply.  All KAA Anglers are subject to a polygraph.  Refusal to take a polygraph is grounds for disqualification.  Failure to have JML/KAA Membership in good standing will forfeit any entry fee’s paid.

Competition Rules & Conditions of Participation: By registering, Competitor affirms that he has read, understands, and as a condition of participation in the event agrees to abide by Kayak Anglers Association Competition Rules.

Kayak Anglers Association Rules are authoritative, taking precedence over all information presented in social media, oral presentations, and other information sources.

  • One angler per vessel.

  • A 360-degree white light must be used if launching before sunrise or fishing after dark.

  • Kayaks may be randomly checked during the tournament.

  • Mother shipping is not allowed.

  • No gasoline motors will be allowed.

  • Only one fishing rod can be used at a time.

  • All Fish must be caught from a watercraft.  No live bait may be used, No bank fishing, No dock fishing or No wading is allowed.  Competitors must be able to paddle their way into their fishing locations.  Anglers may not leave the watercraft to improve their position.

  • Kayak, SUP, Canoe’s, and Blue Sky.  Single person inflatable pontoons are ok.  Actual float tubes where you can walk around with feet touching the bottom are not.  No jon boat aluminum style   boats are allowed.

  • Coast guard approved PFD or life jacket must be worn at all times.

  • Any angler caught breaking these rules may be immediately Disqualified from the tournament and any future tournaments.

  • Any angler banned from the Kayak Anglers Association forfeits their membership and  no refunds will be issued.

Registration, Entry Fee and Procedures 

  • Entry Fee: Entry fee and payback varies based off of the type of event.  Please note the entry and payback on the TourneyX event page.

  • All Entry Fees must be paid through TourneyX with PayPal account by check or debit card.

  • To register and pay the Entry Fee log into TourneyX,

  • Navigate to the Event Page or click the dashboard’s “Register for Tourney” button and select the event from the drop-down menu

  • Check a box that indicates agreement with and commitment to abide by all Rules, Competition Terms and Conditions, and terms of the Liability Release and Waiver Agreement and then

  • Click the “REGISTER” button.

Event ID Code 

  • It is each angler’s responsibility to print the Identifier card once available on TourneyX or TourneyX Pro if you are using the app.  The angler’s unique identifier must be in all photos of the fish and must be fully visible for the judge to see.

Fish Eligibility

    • Fish head must be facing to the left and the dorsal fin away from the angler.

    • The fish’s eye must be visible in the photo.

    • The fish’s mouth must be closed to be accepted.  Any fish that’s mouth is not closed will not be accepted.

    • Angler is allowed to pinch tail for maximum length

    • Fish must measure 12” to be a legal fish

    • It must be obvious to the judges that a fish reaches its noted length.  No blurry photos or photos with obstructions by the tail will be accepted.

    • The fish’s length will be determined by the last line the tail touches.  The fish’s tail must at least touch the inside edge of the line to count for that lenth. (i.e. Fish’s tail crosses 13.75” but is pinched to touch the inside line of 14”.  That fish is declared 14”)

Acceptable Examples of Measuring Boards for Fish Submissions

  • “Hawg Trough” which is manufactured by Hagen’s

  • “Ketch Board” by the Ketch Co.

  • The board must measure in ¼” increments no less and the lines and numbers must be of contrasting color from the board.

  • It is the angler’s responsibility to make sure photos are clear and the final length is clear.

Photo Standards:

  • Each angler must use a mobile phone with camera to submit digital photos through the TourneyX/TourneyX Pro app or website.

  • It is the angler’s responsibility to have clear photo of the fish on the measuring board. Blurry photos will not be accepted, and the fish will be denied.

  • Each digital photo submitted by the same angler in each event must be of a different bass. Subsequent digital photos of the same bass submitted by the angler will be denied.

  • If an angler’s photo is denied by a judge after end-of-competition, it may be automatically replaced by a previously submitted and auto-culled photo; no angler may submit a replacement photo after end-of competition time.

  • Eligible watercraft must also be visible in all photos.

  • KAA judges reserve the right to ask for additional photos of the submitted fish.


  • All kayak anglers are welcome to sign up and compete in Kayak Anglers Association events.  Unless otherwise noted a membership is required to compete for cash prizes.  Failure to have JML/KAA Membership in good standing will forfeit any entry fee’s paid.

Eligible Water: 

  • Boundaries: Refer to the registration page for the event you are registered for.

Launch sites: Refer to the registration page for the event you are registered for.

Species: Unless stated otherwise all events are for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass only.

Scores and Ranking: 

  • The combined length of the five (5) fish caught during competition hours will contribute to each Competitor’s score.

  • Event ranking is determined by the total score (length) for any photo(s) beside each Competitor’s name on the Leader Board when judging and verification is complete.

  • In the event of a tie in score, the tied competitors’ longest (highest-scored) bass are compared, and the tie breaks in favor of the competitor with the longest (highest-scoring) bass. If the longest bass are equal, the second-longest bass are compared and determine which competitor wins the tie. If the second-longest are identical, the third bass is compared, and if they, too, are identical, then the fourth bass breaks the tie. If all four of the tied competitors’ highest scoring bass are identical, then the tie breaks in favor of the competitor whose largest fish photo was uploaded earliest.

  • Should it apply, in the event of a tie for the largest fish; the angler with the longest total length will win.  If there is a tie for longest total length then the tie goes to the angler that uploaded their largest fish photo the earliest.