We all have busy lives yet love to fish,  We recognize that the standard weekend tournaments don’t fit with everyone.  Thats why we created the Kayak Anglers Association Satellite Series.  Whether it be work, family, etc. there are any number of reasons a normal Saturday event won’t work for you.  The KAA Satellite Series events will be week long events that start on Sunday and run through Saturday.  You can fish any public lake or river.  No urban lakes, parks, or private lakes are allowed.   These events are powered by TourneyX.  You can register for any of them at www.tourneyx.com.  Make sure you have the TourneyX PRO app on your phone.

You fish where you want and when you want to compete against other anglers from around your state.  Our week long tournaments will run approximately January 1 to approximately December 31 from Sunday morning at safelight to Saturday evening at dusk in your state every week.  With a low $30 per week entry fee you pick when you fish and where you fish as long as you are within the rules of the event.

Membership:  JML/KAA Membership is $45 per year runs date of purchase to date of purchase.  Why the membership?  Most tournament circuits keep a portion per entry to cover expenses such as weigh bags, insurance, supplies, etc.  This series doesn’t do that.  Our judges and administrative costs are paid out of the membership fees. Memberships purchased prior to the first event will not expire until December 31, 2020.

Entry Fee: $30 per week per event and pays back a guaranteed top 2 places no matter number of entries.  Once we hit 21 entries per weekly event the payback goes to a 1 place paid per 7 entries.  100% of the entry fee’s collected minus the TournyX fee ($5 per angler) and PayPal fee’s  are paid back to you the angler.  Your membership lets you fish any event nationwide.

How it works:  You go fish any PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE lake or river during the week of the event(s) you entered.  You catch your fish and measure them on an acceptable board (see rules), photograph (see rules) and release the fish.  You then upload to TournyX using the TourneyX PRO app.  The fish is then judged and accepted or denied by one of our judges.  The longest combined length for a five fish limit is the winner.  Ties will be broken by big fish (see rules).  The software will automatically cull your smallest fish once you reach your limit. TourneyX is free to you the angler, you just have to create an account.

Prize Money:  Prize money will be paid back through either PayPal or a check mailed no later than Monday following each weekly event.

Points:  Points are awarded for each event starting at 300 points for first, 299 for second, 298 for third, etc.  Points will be used to determine National Championship Qualifiers in the event we have enough anglers to hold a National Championship.

$45 JML/KAA Annual Membership (Good from date of purchase to date of purchase) is required to fish these events.

$30 Entry fee per week

1 in 7 payback

Kayak, SUP, Canoe’s and Blue Sky only

Must fish public lakes or rivers.  No urban lakes or parks allowed.

National Championship Details (TBA).  Participation will determine whether we hold a National Championship.