Lake Havasu Region Championship Information May 19-20, 2018


Congratulations on making this seasons Havasu Region Championship for the Weekend Warrior Bass Series presented by Anderson Toyota.  The competition days will be Saturday May 19 and Sunday May 20, 2018.  Below you will find your boat numbers and weigh in times for each day.  You will keep the same boat number for both days.  Day 2 the numbers will be called in reverse order starting with boat 30.

The only mandatory fee for this event is a $20 permit/insurance charge.  There will be daily big fish options that will be $30 each day and pay the Top 3 big fish each day.  There will also be a daily $100 total weight option each day that will pay 1 place for every 4 entries in the option for the heaviest stringer each day.  Total all in is $280 if you are wanting to get into everything.

$20 Permit/Insurance – Mandatory each team

$30 Day 1 Big Fish Pays Top 3 Big Fish day 1 (Optional)

$100 Day 1 Total Weight Pays 1 in 4 Total Weight for day 1 (Optional)

$30 Day 2 Big Fish Pays Top 3 Big Fish day 2 (Optional

$100 Day 2 Total Weight Pays 1 in 4 Total Weight for day 2 (Optional)

$280 All In

Boat # Angler 1 Angler 2 Day 1 Weigh In Day 2 Weigh In
1 Larry Locatis Austin Rojas 3:00PM 2:15PM
2 Paul Tassie Mike Hulsey 3:00PM 2:15PM
3 Randy Ernst Darlene Ernst 3:00PM 2:15PM
4 Al Robinson Craig McCoy 3:00PM 2:15PM
5 Bill Lanier Bill Lansford 3:00PM 2:15PM
6 Don Levett Dick Wells 3:00PM 2:15PM
7 Wayne Shropshire Jason Abernathy 3:00PM 2:15PM
8 Jim Hicks Dawn Hicks 3:00PM 2:15PM
9 Gary Williams Jerry Williams 3:00PM 2:15PM
10 Matt Williams Julian Presley 3:00PM 2:15PM
11 Dwight Shephard Calvin Wimbly 3:00PM 2:15PM
12 Bryan Kuhn Jenny Henry 3:00PM 2:15PM
13 Mark Wilkinson Keith Learn 3:00PM 2:15PM
14 Kevin Johnson Sam Terry 3:00PM 2:15PM
15 Ted Roper Cliff Wright 3:00PM 2:15PM
Boat # Angler 1 Angler 2 Day 1 Weigh In Day 2 Weigh In
16 Jeff Stevens Josh Openshaw 3:15PM 2:00PM
17 Tim Rath Vernon Shedd 3:15PM 2:00PM
18 Joe Uribe Sr. Josh Selga 3:15PM 2:00PM
19 Charlie Crawford Richard Vizcarra 3:15PM 2:00PM
20 Steve Lindner Mark White 3:15PM 2:00PM
21 Jeff Woods Dennis Phelps 3:15PM 2:00PM
22 Dennis Desrosier Eric Konke 3:15PM 2:00PM
23 Craig Klatt Rory Tuggle 3:15PM 2:00PM
24 Rick Francis Joe Pena 3:15PM 2:00PM
25 Jeff Meeks David Meeks 3:15PM 2:00PM
26 John Yarbrough Tom Graham 3:15PM 2:00PM
27 Jake Ocker Steve Wingad 3:15PM 2:00PM
28 Ed Cummings Rhonda Cummings 3:15PM 2:00PM
29 Shad Berweger George Provenza 3:15PM 2:00PM
30 Eric Schook Roy Schook 3:15PM 2:00PM