1. Participation: Participation in a JML Outdoors Satellite Series event is open to anyone who is an active member of the JML Outdoors Satellite Series. Membership is $45 per year, entitles you to fish any Satellite Series tournament anywhere in the country, and is good from date of purchase to date of purchase. Memberships can be purchased by clicking on the “Entries & Memberships ” link at the top of the page. Then click on the JML logo and scroll down to Tournament Entries.  Failure to have JML/KAA Membership in good standing will forfeit any entry fee’s paid.

2. Registration, Entry Fee and Procedures

  • Entry Fee: Entry fee is $40 per month long event.                      
  • All Entry Fees must be paid through our online store.
  • To register and pay the Entry Fee: log into
  • Navigate to the online store and register for the Satellite event.
  • IMPORTANT (List the state and month event you are registering for in the additional info section)

3. Event ID Code

  • Once your membership is paid you will get an ID card mailed to you.  We will email a temporary card for you to use until your hard card arrives.  The day before the event starts JML Outdoors will email an identifier code to the anglers to use for the event.  This identifier must be written on the membership card and included in the pictures that is uploaded.  This is one of the ways we prove the fish was caught during the competition month.

4. Measuring Boards: Measuring boards must be in 1/4″ increments and have writing and lines that contrast with the main board color (i.e. white board black numbers/lines). The board must have an edge that the fish’s nose can touch. See link for an example of board types If you have a question if your board is acceptable email a picture to

5. Scoring: Scoring will be done by assigned judges and based off of the overall length of the fish. Results will be determined by the longest total length combined for all 5 fish (Fish must be 12″ minimum and you may pinch the tail). Longest length will be first place, second longest second place, etc. Ties will be broken by the biggest fish. If there is still a tie it will go to the second biggest fish and so on. If all five fish are the same length then the tie will be broken by who uploaded their largest fish first.

6. Fish Eligibility (Photographs)

  • Fish head needs to be facing to the left and the dorsal fin away from the angler.
    • The fish’s eye must be visible in the photo. (If a fish is missing an eye the angler must submit a picture looking at the mouth of the fish so both eye locations are visible and must submit a side picture of the good eye of the fish.
    • The fish’s mouth must be completely closed to be accepted.  Any fish that’s mouth is not completely closed will not be accepted.
    • Angler is allowed to pinch tail for maximum length
    • Only the anglers’ hand is allowed to hold the fish on the board
    • Fish must measure 12” to be a legal fish
    • It must be obvious to the judges that a fish reaches its noted length.  No blurry photos will be accepted. 
    • The fish’s length will be determined by the last line the tail touches.  The fish’s tail must touch the inside edge of the line to count for that lenth. (i.e. Fish’s tail crosses 13.75” but can be pinched to touch the inside line of 14”.  That fish is declared 14”)
    • Submitting the same fish multiple times in a single event is strictly prohibited.
    • Email photographs to  Include in the subject line first initial, last name, state fishing, month (i.e. jsmith,AZ,April)
    • All decisions be event judges are final.

7. Eligible Waters: Anglers may fish any waters within their state that are readily open to the public. Waters located in areas that require an annual membership or reservations to fish or are not open to anyone and everyone with a fishing license ARE NOT legal to fish for these events. Waters that require an entrance fee or day use fee to launch a boat or access the body of water ARE legal to fish. Should two or more states be divided by a body of water then you may enter the event for each state or just one. (i.e. Lake X is has State A on one side and State B on the other side. An angler registers for the state A tournament. That angler can fish Lake X. That angler can also pay to register for the State A and State B event and compete in two events in one week.)

8. Off-limits:  There is no off-limits for Satellite Series events.

9. Membership: Annual membership fee is $45 per angler and runs from date of purchase to date of purchase. Memberships are non-refundable once paid.  Failure to have JML/KAA Membership in good standing will forfeit any entry fee’s paid.

10. Safety: All participants shall observe local and state regulations specific to boating safety at all times during practice and competition and do not hold either JML Outdoors, its judges/directors, staff, or sponsors liable for anything that happens during an event.  A United States Coast Guard approved life vest must be on and secured by all competitors anytime the outboard motor is running.  The boat operator shall have an ignition shut off device (kill switch) attached to themselves anytime the outboard motor is running. Kayak/Canoe anglers must wear a United States Coast guard approved life vest anytime they are in their watercraft.

11. Boat/License Requirements: All watercraft if being used during a JML Outdoors Satellite Series event if required by law must have attached a US Coast Guard rating plate.  The horsepower of the boat shall not exceed the maximum horsepower requirements stated on the US Coast Guard rating plate.  Each boat shall have a working kill switch and be properly registered if required in your state.  Each contestant must have and provide proof of upon request a current fishing license with necessary stamps or endorsements.  Any citation given by local, state, or federal law enforcement officials shall be grounds for disqualification.

12. Insurance: It is the sole responsibility of all JML Outdoors Satellite Series participants, competitors, and owners to carry and maintain the state required minimum liability coverage for themselves and their passengers.

13. Permitted Fish and Fishing Methods: All largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass must be taken in a conventional and sporting manner.  At no time shall any angler be permitted to use more than one rod and one reel at a time.  Anglers shall follow local, state, and/or federal regulations concerning quantity of hooks allowable by law.  Intentional snagging of fish shall be grounds for disqualification.  Any fish taken while site fishing must be hooked inside the mouth.  The use of live or cut bait during practice or tournament hours shall be strictly prohibited.  Trolling is strictly prohibited. Submitting the same fish multiple times in a single event is strictly prohibited.

14. Tournament limits: All tournaments will have a 5 fish limit. All fish submitted must be a minimum of 12″ measured with the mouth COMPLETELY closed to be considered a legal fish. The TournyX software will cull your smallest fish once your limit has been reached.

15. Penalties: All penalties shall be assessed by the tournament judge(s) if necessary.  No dead fish are allowed. No short fish are allowed. Decisions by the judges are final.

16. Alcohol and Drugs: The use/possession of alcohol or drugs while on the water during a tournament you are registered for is strictly prohibited and will be grounds for disqualification.

17. Angler Cooperation: All anglers are required to cooperate with tournament officials at all times both on and off the water.  This is included but not limited to request for polygraphs, pictures, and information for press releases.  All photographs submitted to TourneyX or taken by JML Outdoors staff are the property of JML Outdoors and may be used at anytime for advertising or information purposes.

18. Sportsmanship: All contestants are to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship.  Any angler/team that is found to have brought unfavorable publicity to JML Outdoors or the sport of bass fishing shall be subject to disqualification.

19. Protests: All protests must be emailed to no later than midnight local time by close of the tournament week.  It will be the tournament judges responsibility to make a decision based off of the information provided by both parties.  Both parties involved must be readily available for discussion with the tournament judge when requested. JML Outdoors reserves the right to remove a previously approved catch or disqualify and angler entirely should it be necessary.